Family History


Andrew Allen

4 Aug 1782 to 10 Jan 1866


Jude Allen (1738-1831)

Sarah Philbrick (1744-Deceased)


Abigail Allen (1767-1780)

Nancy Allen (1770-Deceased)

Sarah Allen (1773-1848)

Hannah Allen (1776-1828)

Joseph Allen (1779-1846)

Ruth Allen (1780-1857)

Effie Allen (1792-1850)

Nathaniel Allen (1786-Deceased)

Spouse: 3 January 1805

Eunice Miner (1782-1867)


Gorden Allen (1806-1893)

Clarissa Allen (1807-1851)

Cyrus Allen (1809-1880)

Jude Allen (1811-1900)

Harriet Allen (1813-1835)

Ira Allen (1814-1900)

Marry Allen (1816-1838)

Emily Allen (1820-1844)

Sarah Allen (1822-1879)

Nancy Allen (1827-1905)

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The statement that Andrew never joined the LDS Church is disputed.  It appears from the article below that he was a member until 20 Feb. 1841 when he “gave up his license” due to his denial of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.

This was also a subject of discussion between Andrew’s sons Gordon and Jude Allen.  Click here to read the letter.