Family History


Joseph Nicholas

31 March 1822 to 15 October 1888


Jesse Nicholas (1784-1846)

Mary Small (1783-1830)


Margaret Nicholas (1807-1888)

Denis Nicholas (1809-1891)

Sarah Nicholas (1812-)

Jesse Nicholas (1815-1836)

Joshua Porter Nicholas (1817-1876)

Mary Ann Nicholas (1820-1860)

Lois Louise Nicholas (1824-1907)

Nicholas (1833-1833)

Spouse: 1 January 1847 or 1848

Nancy Allen (1827-1905)


Sarah Iantha Nicholas (1848-1848)

Sarah Annette (or Anetta) Nicholas (1850-1886)

Eunice Alice Nicholas (1853-1933)

Joseph Gordon Nicholas (1855-1944)

Nancy Helen Nicholas (1858-1939)

Mary Ann Nicholas (1862-1935)

Ida Pauline Nicholas (1867-1958)

Clarissa Eva Nicholas (1870-1870)

Rosa Florence Nicholas (1872-1937)

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(Nancy Allen related the following to her granddaughter, Nancy Lerona Durfee, who related it to her daughter, Hazel Dawn Ward):

    Nancy Allen Nicholas was born 8 August 1827 at Willsborough, Essex, N.Y.  She was a cripple not by birth but because she had the disease known as Cholera.  The only remedy they had to combat the disease was a medicine called Calamoe.  It would arrest the disease but if too much medicine was given it would have a crippling effect.  The medicine caused her to be crippled in her legs.  She came across the plains but had to ride all the way in the wagon, regardless of stream or mountain trails, she said her husband always walked beside the oxen to steady them and to comfort her.

    Several years after they reached the Salt Lake Valley, they moved to Willard, Utah, and later decided to move to Almo, Idaho.

    She and her husband were coming across the Snowville flat between Snowville and Strevell.  There were no settlers or homes in the area at the time.  One of the horses rubbed off his bridle, her husband got out of the wagon to replace the bridle.  Before he got the bridle on, the horses became frightened and began to run, leaving her husband behind.  She didn't have the lines in her hands.  She tried to hang onto the wagon to keep from being thrown out.  She began to pray to the Heavenly Father for help.  Suddenly in the trail ahead stood a man.  He was able to stop the team and quiet them.  He replaced the bridle and handed her the lines.  She thanked him and turned to see how far behind her husband was.  When she turned around the man was gone. She could see for miles in all directions but they never saw the man again.  She knew he had appeared in answer to her prayer.

Six of Joseph & Nancy’s children: Top L-R: Ida, Mary Ann, Rosa; Bottom L-R: Nancy, Joseph, & Eunice