Hans Jorgen (Christiansen) Rasmussen

14 February 1840 to 10 November 1894


Jens Jorgen Rasmussen (step) (1823-1909)

Christian Mortensen  (biological) (1795-1865)

Karen Maria Sorensdatter (1811-1897)

Half Siblings from Jens Jorgen & Karen Maria:

Stillborn (1847-1847)

Stillborn (1849-1849

Stillborn (1853-1853)

Half Siblings from Christian Mortensen & Inger Marie Pedersen:

Niels Peder Christiansen (1830-1862)

Spouse: 15 July 1880

Elizabeth Susan Ottley (1861-1923)


Fredrick William Rasmussen (1881-1943)

Karen Marie Rasmussen (1884-1942)

Hans Jorgen Rasmussen, Jr. (1886-1886)

Jens Edward Rasmussen (1887-1950)

George Henry Rasmussen (1890-1891)

Harriet Elizabeth Rasmussen (1892-1893)

Frank D. Rasmussen (1894-1959)

Hans, Elizabeth, & Fredrick; circa 1881

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Left to Right: Fredrick, Jens Edward, Karen Marie, and Frank; seated: Elizabeth

Hans Jorgen was buried in the Elba, Idaho cemetery next to his three infant children that died.  The marker below marks his and Elizabeth’s graves.

Hans & Elizabeth’s Elba, Idaho home;  1882

Fanefjord Kirke (the likely church of Hans’s christening) is located on the Island of Mon in Denmark.  The YouTube video clip is a panoramic view of the Church and surrounding area.