Family History


Mary Jane Jack

27 May 1863 to 9 February 1939


James Hazelette Jack (1831-1893)

Georgia Ann Horton (1841-1927)


Elizabeth Ellen Jack (1859-1879)

William Robert Jack (1861-1924)

Martha Erie Ann Jack (1865-1936)

Allen Berry Jack (1867-1921)

Preston Albert Jack (1869-1950)

Eliza Delana Jack (1871-1917)

John Archabald Jack (1873-1888)

Alabama Ladorka Jack (1875-1893)

Ada Zoa Jack (1877-1907)

Georgia May Jack (1882-1896)

Spouse: 25 July 1881

Joseph Francis Thomas (1858-1934)


Nannie Ella Thomas (1882-1889)

Mary Elizabeth Thomas (1884-1938)

Joseph Hyrum Thomas (1886-1952)

John Abijah Thomas (1888-1888)

Francis Edward Thomas (1889-1964)

James Arthur Thomas (1891-1971)

Willard Emmett Thomas (1893-1896)

George Frederick Thomas (1895-1896)

William Clarence Thomas (1897-1967)

Millard Harold Thomas (1900-1969

Grace Estelle Thomas (1902-2000)

Marion Elbert Thomas (1904-1904)

Mable Zetelle Thomas (1905-1988)

Georgia Mae Thomas (1907-1998)

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Mother and Daughters circa 1930 l-r: Grace, Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie), Mary Jane (Molly), Mable, Georgia Mae

Thomas family circa 1909 clockwise around large table left side to right:  Joseph Francis, Mary Jane, Harold, Arthur, Clarence, Grace

Small table:  Louise, Georgia Mae, Pauline, Mable

Joseph & Mary Jane with some of their grandchildren circa 1932; from Back row l-r: Elizabeth, Mary Jane, Joseph Francis, Middle row: Mary Lynn, Ann, Ruth Ellen;  Bottom row: Leland, Dale, Patricia, Hazel