Family History


Jens Edward Rasmussen

24 July 1887 to 24 March 1950


Hans Jorgen Rasmussen (1840-1894)

Elizabeth Susan Ottley (1861-1923)


Fredrick William Rasmussen (1881-1943)

Karen Marie Rasmussen (1884-1942)

Hans Jorgen Rasmussen (1886-1886)

George Henry Rasmussen (1890-1891)

Harriet Elizabeth Rasmussen (1892-1893)

Frank D. Rasmussen (1894- 1959)

Spouse: 21 December 1910

Sarah Jane Darrington (1889-1964)


Joel Edward Rasmussen (1911-1978)

Floyd Hans Rasmussen (1914-2001)

Ralph Waldo Rasmussen (1917-2004)

Elmo Rasmussen (1919-2011)

Roberta Rasmussen (1923-2010)

Robert Rasmussen (1923-2012)

Jens Edward & Sarah

Family photo circa 1946: Left to Right: back row: Elmo, Ralph, Floyd, Joel; middle: Sarah & Edward; front: Robert & Roberta

Jens Edward Rasmussen’s Elba Home

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Jens Edward & Sarah Jane are buried in the Elba, Idaho cemetery.

Jens Edward’s mother and siblings: Left to Right: Fredrick, Jens Edward, Karen Marie, and Frank; seated: Elizabeth

   Jens Edward became engaged to Sarah Jane Darrington in 1907.  He took the missionary course at the Academy that winter and left in April 1908 for a mission in Norway.  He came home the spring of 1910.

    Jens Edward was married to Sarah Jane Darrington December 21, 1910, in the Salt Lake Temple by Anthon H. Lund.  They originally lived in Elba, Idaho where their first child, Joel Edward was born.  They moved to Declo, Idaho, where Floyd Hans, Ralph Waldo, and Elmo were born.  Sometime thereafter they moved back to Elba where the twins, Roberta and Robert joined the family.

    Edward and Sarah raised her children during the Great Depression.  The family farmed 50 acres in Elba and raised a garden and a few farm animals.  Cash was scarce.  Sarah was very frugal with what they had.  Edward died before I was born.  I remember Sarah Jane being in our home during her later years.  She ate every morsel of food on her plate, cleaned any residue off with a slice of bread, and left nothing more than a clean chicken bone on her plate.  It left me with the impression that she had experienced days of “wanting”.

    Sarah Jane was left a widow at age 61 when Jens Edward died March 24, 1950. 

Remembrances of Jens Edward by his children: Jens Edward Rasmussen.pdf

Sarah Jane on the death of Jens Edward.pdf

Sarah Jane’s Family Group Records: Jens Edward & Sarah Jane.pdf

Circa 1896; L-R: Jens Edward, Fredrick, Elizabeth (seated) holding Frank, and Karen Marie.

The Rasmussen boys; Elba, Idaho

L-R: Frank, Jens Edward, Fredrick

Jens Edward was known for his sense of humor.  Here he cracks up his brother in law, John Charles Darrington, while siblings Frank and Fredrick exhibit the Rasmussen smile.

Ralph W. Rasmussen wrote the following about his dad:

“My father died in March, 1950. We all came out to his funeral on the train (he was living in Richmond, VA at the time). He was a wonderful man. I only regret I didn't take the time to appreciate him while he was still here.... My last memory of him was his body lying the the casket.  He looked so relaxed and peaceful.  I’m sure the real him, his spirit, that part of him that made him the man I knew, that part of him that made him so loving and kind, was already making plans to continue his service to his Heavenly Father. ”