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Everyone’s life is interesting.  Stories of our lives are filled with joy and sadness, riches and poverty, health and sickness. Some of the best stories come from the lives of our ancestors.  In each story valuable lessons can be learned.  This website is devoted to telling the stories of the Rasmussen, Ward, Shawcroft, and Thomas extended families.

Helps:  The best way to navigate to the individual stories is to open the Pedigree page.  The family pedigree line is graphically shown there.  By clicking on the individual names, the story of that person will be opened up.  Please feel free to leave comments or attach information you have about that individual.  Sharing will allow us all to more fully appreciate the people we love.  The individual stories are constantly being added and updated.  Return often.

Privacy:  In order to protect the privacy of family members still living, no birth dates will be listed for the living.  If any family member is concerned about any of the information about them that is posted, please email me so I can address the concern with them.

Ralph Waldo Rasmussen and Mary Ellen Ward family

John Lynn Shawcroft and Dorothea Carol Thomas family



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Click to see the Seeds of Our Faith

Click to see the Seeds of Our Faith